Real Name:
Tomoyuki Hamada
Tomoyuki Hamada, better known as t+pazolite, is a hardcore music producer and longtime member of the HARDCORE TANO*C circle. He is known for his rather chaotic, sample-driven style of music. He owns the C.H.S. label (which stands for "Cutie & Headshaking Sounds") as well as its sub-label Movement on the FLOOR, which is more focused on SOUND VOLTEX contributors. He frequently collaborates with other artists from around the scene; mostly with RoughSketch and C-Show.

Originally arranging Touhou songs, his earlier tracks leaned towards happy hardcore, hardcore rave, frenchcore, breakcore, and speedcore, usually mixing concepts from romantic periods and using a lot of cartoon foley samples, as well as unusual instruments. He's not one to shy off from other genres however, and his portfolio has since grown to touch on various ends of the electronic spectrum, even doing psy trance, trap, twerk, and future bass. He's also admitted to having a fondness for denpa music, often working with RIZNA and lately Nanahira.
In Groups:
CHS-0005 t+pazolite - UltraCute!? album art t+pazolite SunnyFunnyChiny (BlueberryMix) and 2 more… t+pazolite - UltraCute!?(CD, Album) C.H.S CHS-0005 Japan 2008 Sell This Version
CHS-0006 t+pazolite - GottaMaze2 album art t+pazolite t+pazolite - GottaMaze2(CD, Album) C.H.S CHS-0006 Japan 2009 Sell This Version
AECD-020 t+pazolite - Sphere Calibar album art Various Ghostly Parapara Ship (Hardcore Edit) Various - Sphere Calibar(CD, Comp) Alice's Emotion AECD-020 Japan 2009 Sell This Version
none t+pazolite - GottaMaze2 - Previewdisk Gomennasai Edit album art t+pazolite t+pazolite - GottaMaze2 - Previewdisk Gomennasai Edit(CDr, Promo) C.H.S none Japan 2009 Sell This Version
AECD-021 t+pazolite - Intervention album art Various 壱伍症候群 Various - Intervention(CD, Comp) Alice's Emotion AECD-021 Japan 2010 Sell This Version
TCPLUS-0006 t+pazolite - Tano*C Remixes 2 album art Various Various - Tano*C Remixes 2(CD, Comp) Hardcore Tano*C TCPLUS-0006 Japan 2010 Sell This Version
CHSHCD-0002 t+pazolite - 108 Sketches 2 album art t+pazolite / RoughSketch t+pazolite / RoughSketch - 108 Sketches 2(CD, Album) C.H.S CHSHCD-0002 Japan 2010 Sell This Version
ARCD0031 t+pazolite - Double Counterpoint album art Various Hale Inthe 270° Various - Double Counterpoint(CD, Comp) Alstroemeria Records ARCD0031 Japan 2010 Sell This Version
CHS-0010 t+pazolite - Samplejunk album art t+pazolite t+pazolite - Samplejunk(CD, Album) C.H.S CHS-0010 Japan 2011 Sell This Version
AECD-028 t+pazolite - Overture | SUWA album art Various Psycho-nostalgia and 3 more… Various - Overture | SUWA(CD, Comp) Alice's Emotion AECD-028 Japan 2011 Sell This Version
IO-0186 t+pazolite - 東方メレンゲ少女夜行 album art IOSYS 宵闇Party IOSYS - 東方メレンゲ少女夜行(CD, Comp) IOSYS IO-0186 Japan 2011 Sell This Version
CHS-0013 t+pazolite - Ultra Cutie Breakin'!!!! album art t+pazolite Sakuramichi Overdrive (Arm Remix) and 1 more… t+pazolite - Ultra Cutie Breakin'!!!!(CD, Album) C.H.S CHS-0013 Japan 2012 Sell This Version
NBCD-014 t+pazolite - Envy album art Aikapin Peep Cheep Aikapin - Envy(CD, Album) Notebook Records NBCD-014 Japan 2013 Sell This Version
TCPLUS-0013 t+pazolite - Bright Colors 2 album art Various Various - Bright Colors 2(CD, Comp) Hardcore Tano*C TCPLUS-0013 Japan 2014 Sell This Version
AECD-040 t+pazolite - Dark Flight Dreamer album art Various Various - Dark Flight Dreamer(CD, Album) Alice's Emotion AECD-040 Japan 2014 Sell This Version
CHS-0031 t+pazolite - Good Evening, Hollowood album art t+pazolite t+pazolite - Good Evening, Hollowood(CD, Album) C.H.S CHS-0031 Japan 2017 Sell This Version
CHS-0029 t+pazolite - T&T. “tpz And Touhou” From 2005 album art t+pazolite t+pazolite - T&T. “tpz And Touhou” From 2005(CD, Comp) C.H.S CHS-0029 Japan 2017 Sell This Version
CHS-0033 t+pazolite - See you Again, HOLLOWood album art t+pazolite t+pazolite - See you Again, HOLLOWood(CD, Album) C.H.S CHS-0033 Japan 2018 Sell This Version
YUCD-013 t+pazolite - Reflection of album art Yukacco & DJ Genki Yukacco & DJ Genki - Reflection of(CD, Album) Alkanet YUCD-013 Japan 2018 Sell This Version
IO-0263 t+pazolite - はいぱぁ電波これくしょん! -フリーダム★東方編- (Hyper Denpa Collection -Freedom★Touhou-hen-) album art Iosys 映姫様による耳が痛いお言葉 Iosys - はいぱぁ電波これくしょん! -フリーダム★東方編- (Hyper Denpa Collection -Freedom★Touhou-hen-)(CD, Album) IOSYS IO-0263 Japan Unknown Sell This Version