Real Name:
Tomoyuki Hamada
Tomoyuki Hamada, better known as t+pazolite, is a hardcore music producer and longtime member of the HARDCORE TANO*C circle. He is known for his rather chaotic, sample-driven style of music. He owns the C.H.S. label (which stands for "Cutie & Headshaking Sounds") as well as its sub-label Movement on the FLOOR, which is more focused on SOUND VOLTEX contributors. He frequently collaborates with other artists from around the scene; mostly with RoughSketch and C-Show.

Originally arranging Touhou songs, his earlier tracks leaned towards happy hardcore, hardcore rave, frenchcore, breakcore, and speedcore, usually mixing concepts from romantic periods and using a lot of cartoon foley samples, as well as unusual instruments. He's not one to shy off from other genres however, and his portfolio has since grown to touch on various ends of the electronic spectrum, even doing psy trance, trap, twerk, and future bass. He's also admitted to having a fondness for denpa music, often working with RIZNA and lately Nanahira.
In Groups:
RSPC-0006 t+pazolite - はじめてのがくだんかい album art Otokaz & Necro Panda This Illusion -Angelic Remix 2005- Otokaz & Necro Panda - はじめてのがくだんかい(CDr, MiniAlbum) Re:SPEC RSPC-0006 Japan 2005 Sell This Version
DBCD-0007 t+pazolite - iCE MiLK TEi album art Various いつかお宇佐様が Various - iCE MiLK TEi(CD, Album) dBu music DBCD-0007 Japan 2006 Sell This Version
t+pazolite - Promotion 2007.Autumn album art Various Star In Heaven Various - Promotion 2007.Autumn AVSS Japan 2007 Sell This Version
RSPC-0011 t+pazolite - やった! album art Otokaz 雪の下のこどもたち (Icy Corkscrew Mix) and 2 more… Otokaz - やった!(2xCDr, Album + 3xFile, MP3, 192) Re:SPEC RSPC-0011 Japan 2007 Sell This Version
OPR-01 t+pazolite - Promotion 2007.Spring album art Various YMCK55 and 3 more… Various - Promotion 2007.Spring(CD, Promo) AVSS OPR-01 Japan 2007 Sell This Version
BLCD-10 t+pazolite - 東方幻舞闘 album art Muzik Servant Girls Be Colorful Muzik Servant - 東方幻舞闘(CD, Album) Black Label Records (4) BLCD-10 Japan 2008 Sell This Version
none t+pazolite - 上海ラマリンピックIn幻想郷 album art Various Positive Faith Various - 上海ラマリンピックIn幻想郷(9xFile, MP3, Album, VBR) Gasetsu none 2008
t+pazolite - Breaking The Rules album art RoughSketch Fuck The Roughsketch RoughSketch - Breaking The Rules (Album) Notebook Records Japan 2012 Sell This Version
NBCD-014 t+pazolite - Envy album art Aikapin Peep Cheep Aikapin - Envy(CD, Album) Notebook Records NBCD-014 Japan 2013 Sell This Version
SBFR-0045 t+pazolite - Grimcore 3 album art Various Falls & Leaves Various - Grimcore 3(CDr, CD-ROM) Salvation By Faith Records SBFR-0045 Japan 2013 Sell This Version
AECD-040 t+pazolite - Dark Flight Dreamer album art Various Phantomystic and 1 more… Various - Dark Flight Dreamer(CD, Album) Alice's Emotion AECD-040 Japan 2014 Sell This Version
PFSA001 t+pazolite - Chaotic Solutions album art Kobaryo Yura-Yura Sweet Genocide Kobaryo - Chaotic Solutions(CD, Album) Psycho Filth Records PFSA001 Japan 2014 Sell This Version
PFSA002 t+pazolite - Candy Speed Pops album art Kobaryo Dotabata Animation Kobaryo - Candy Speed Pops(CD, Album) Psycho Filth Records PFSA002 Japan 2015 Sell This Version
MNFK-014 t+pazolite - Splash!! album art Massive New Krew In Sunshine Massive New Krew - Splash!!(CD, Album) Massive CircleZ MNFK-014 Japan 2015 Sell This Version
THCN-0013 t+pazolite - Second Glitch album art Atomic (8) Tedious Night Atomic (8) - Second Glitch(CD, Album) Technomy THCN-0013 Japan 2016 Sell This Version
MKXX-0001 t+pazolite - ユメミミミーム album art Various Heartchild Various - ユメミミミーム(CD, MiniAlbum) みかん汁ふりかけ MKXX-0001 Japan 2016 Sell This Version
ZTTL-0078 t+pazolite - Groove Coaster (Original Soundtrack Boost) album art Zuntata Marry Me, Nightmare and 1 more… Zuntata - Groove Coaster (Original Soundtrack Boost)(CD, Album) Zuntata Records ZTTL-0078 Japan 2016 Sell This Version
t+pazolite - The Psycho Remixes album art Various Boogie Woogie Splatter Show (DJ Myosuke Remix) Various - The Psycho Remixes (Comp) Psycho Filth Records Japan 2017 Sell This Version
TCSLCD-0004 t+pazolite - Archvs album art Aran (4) Chobit Flavor Aran (4) - Archvs(CD, Album) Hardcore Tano*C TCSLCD-0004 Japan 2017 Sell This Version
QWCE-90007 t+pazolite - AO-∞ album art 青龍 256*256 青龍 - AO-∞(CD, Album) Exit Tunes QWCE-90007 Japan 2017 Sell This Version