Insane Clown Posse ‎– Forgotten Freshness Volumes 1 & 2

Island Records ‎– 314-524 552-2, Psychopathic Records ‎– 314-524 552-2
2 × CD, Compilation

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Forgotten Freshness Volume 1
1-1 Hey Vato 5:04
1-2 Dead Pumpkins 4:57
1-3 Fat Sweaty Betty 4:42
1-4 Willy Bubba 3:39
1-5 Graveyard
Featuring [w/] – Project Born
1-6 Fxck Off! 4:38
1-7 I Didn't Mean To Kill 'Em 3:58
1-8 Southwest Strangla 4:43
1-9 Santa's A Fat Bxtch 4:24
1-10 Witching Hour
Featuring [w/] – Myzery
Forgotten Freshness Volume 2
2-1 Mr. Johnson's Head Remix 6:11
2-2 Clown Love 3:45
2-3 Hokus Pokus Headhunta'z Remix 3:57
2-4 Red Christmas 4:28
2-5 House Of Wonders 3:09
2-6 Mr. Rotten Treats 5:52
2-7 Piggy Pie (Old School) 4:24
2-8 I'm Not Alone 5:07
2-9 85 Bucks An Hour
Featuring [w/] – Twiztid
2-10 Halloween On Military Street 5:18
2-11 Dog Beats 5:00
2-12 Mental Warp 4:30

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The third Compilation album by Southwest Detroit rap group Insane Clown Posse
This album compiles "rare, hard to find, lost and scrapped" songs. Most songs from the original "Forgotten Freshness" album appear on Volumes 1 & 2, plus a lot more.


[The following text appears in the album's inserts]

the history of icp

What many ninjas don't know is that ICP ain't nothin' new. Before the 700 billion album sales, naked chicks and starring movie roles (hell yeah), ICP dwelled only in Detroit's underground music scene. In 1990, ICP and their manager Alex Abbiss started their own independent record label and called it Psychopathic Records, because no other label was stupid enough to put out something as crazy as ICP. ICP debuted on Psychopathic with their very first release of a 4 song EP entitled DOG BEATS, which didn't sell shit. Then it was on to the Joker's Cards, starting with the first in 1991, CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE which did OK. Then came RINGMASTER in 93, and that did better. At this point, ICP started to get some props, but they still lived like homeless crackheads. Alex Abbiss signed ICP to a small record deal with Jive Records and together with Psychopathic, they put out the 3rd Joker's Card in 1995, THE RIDDLEBOX. Jive treated ICP like a booger... they picked them and then for some sick reason they tried to eat them. The clowns escaped the jaws of Jive and landed at Hollywood Records (owned by Disney), of course Jive had to get paid first and paid they got. Hollywood Records was great They treated Shaggy and Violent J like the Jackson 2. We're talking limos, money, chicks and all that shit. But then on the day the 4th Joker's Card, THE GREAT MILENKO came out, Hollywood's daddy, Mickey Mouse got pissed and threw ICP and their album right the fuck out of the magic kingdom. I guess Mickey was scared of the controversy. Funny thing was ICP never complained when Mickey used to bone Minnie Mouse in his office with the door wide open. She used to come walkin' down the halls with her big cartoony titties all fallin' out and shit, yet nobody cared. As soon as ICP stepped out of line however, they got the bone. While ICP and Abbiss were sitting around plotting Mickey's murder, here comes Island Records. BANG! Before you can say "Where do we sign?" they gave ICP money, booze, chicks, helicopters, cars with power windows, you name it. Island treated ICP like they're multi-platinum superstars even though they really ain't shit. As soon as ICP signed the contract however, Island slapped em' across the mouth and took all the fresh shit back. Island did however put THE GREAT MILENKO back in the record stores and that's enough for ICP. They do a good job with ICP's music, so they're happy with Island. In between the albums ICP has released along their career, they would often release EP's to keep the Juggalos interested...These EP's were: BEVERLY KILLS EP in 92', TERROR WHEEL EP in 94', and THE TUNNEL OF LOVE EP IN 96'. Shaggy 2 Dope even came out with a solo EP somewhere in there called "FUCK OFF!". Also there were ICP Christmas and Halloween releases, and free give away singles. To fully capture the complete catalog of Insane Clown Posse is next to impossible, yet the hardest to find singles and rarest songs ICP ever made are on these two CD's. FORGOTTEN FRESHNESS has out takes, B-Sides, re-mixes, songs that got scrapped, songs that suck, songs that couldn't fit on albums, and all that shit. Oh yeah, Island records is re-releasing the entire Psychopathic back catalog nationwide. You will now be able to find all them ICP albums and EP's that were previously only released in Detroit. So don't bother gassin' up the old maverick to head to the Motor City, just walk your ass to the mall, they should have them.
-Tom Dubb, Psychopathic Records

©1998 Psychopathic Records, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. 314-524-552-2

Hey Vato This song was originally recorded for ICP's 2nd album and 2nd Joker's Card, The Ringmaster. For some reason ICP didn't like this song so they wrote new lyrics to the beat and called it "Walkin' Round". They didn't liek that version either. Finally they changed the beat around again and wrote new lyrics and called it "Wagon Wagon" which can be found on The Ringmaster LP today. But this is the original shit.
Dead Pumpkins This song was on a free cassette that ICP gave to all the fans in clown make up at the 1st annual Hallowicked Clown Show in Detroit, This was in 1993. Fans without make up didn't get shit. Since then ICP has played Detroit every Halloween night and given fans in make up a free cassette with a special Halloween song on it each year. The song only took 4 hours to record and mix but it took Violent J 2 weeks to write the lyrics.
Fat Sweaty Betty This song was on another free cassette that ICP gave to fans in make up. This time at the 2, back to back Mental Warp shows in Detroit, ICP always likes to name each show or tour with a different theme to it. Some past ICP shows have been called... The Joker's Gallery Show, The Prom Night Massacre Show, The Resurrection Tour, A Carnival Christmas Show, and the Pie In Your Fuckin' Face Tour... That one is the best.
Willy Bubba This song was originally made for ICP's 3rd album and 3rd Jokers Card. The Riddlebox. Then ICP didn't like it for some reason so they took it off. Then they were gonna put it on ICP's 4th Jokers Card and 4th album The Great Milenko, but the they said naa, fuck that too. Willy Bubba has finally made it on to something. Hope you like it, if you don't so fuckin' what. It's still on the shit and you can do nothing about it. It's forgotten and it's fresh.
Graveyard w/Project Born Back in the day, Psychopathic Records signed a rap group from Flint Michigan called Project Born. Psychopathic then released an EP from Project Born called "Born Dead" which sold about 8,000 copies. ICP and Project Born were homies. This is a song that they did together that was on Project Born's EP. ICP and Project Born don't really know each other anymore, because when Psychopathic and PJB parted ways, they for some reason thought Psychopathic had fucked them. But the only people Psychopathic fucks is naked chicks.
Fxck Off! This song was recorded and released in 1994 as the title track on the ultra rare Shaggy 2 Dope EP entitled "Fuck Off!". That's right ninjas, Shaggy had solo shit out. It flopped too. Then again, everything ICP did back then sort of flopped. It was all local. The EP had 4 songs on it, and one of them was 3 rings w/ Violent J and that ended up on The Riddlebox album. The other 3 Shaggy songs are on the collection so you're straight.
I Didn't Mean To Kill 'Em This song was made in 1995 and it was going to be on The Ridlebox album, but ICP though it wasn't good enough. It ended up as the B side to the Chicken Huntin' single released by Jive "bitch ass" Records. The funniest thing about this song is the voice that you hear screaming like a bitch at the end of each verse. What ninjas don't know is who that is... Well, believe it or not, it's ICP's thuggish homie and bodyguard Billy Bill who's famous for ripping heads in half. If you step on his bad toe hard enough, he'll scream like a woman.
Southwest Strangla This song was gonna be on the Shaggy 2 Dope solo album that Shaggy got started but never finished. Between everything else that was going on, Shaggy never had time. Plus he's a slacker and he liked to spend any free time he had at tittie bars with his crew that he calls the Triple Threat" ... Shaggy and his 2 homies Billy Bil and Poncho. This was back in 1994, the album never happened but the Triple Threat still lives on to this day.
Santa's A Fat Bxtch This joint was first released as part of a 4-song Christmas EP called "A Carnival Christmas" that was out on Psychopathic Records during the Holiday season of 94'. Psychopathic made and sold 10,000 copies of it that year. Island Records later re-released this song as a single during the holidays of 97, and t rose to No. 40 on Billboard's charts. That makes ICP a top 40 band like the Back Street Boys and Hanson! But chicks hate ICP.
Witching Hour w/Myzery This song is off Myzery's EP entitled "Para La Isla" on Psychopathic Records. Myzery is the shit and ICP plans on doing much more shit with him. He is from the south Bronx in New York and he met ICP through Violent J's brother Jump Steady who has family in the Bronx. Since then ICP and Myzery have become very good homies and they have done over 100 shows together across the US and Europe. Chicks love Myzery.

Volume 2
Mr. Johnson's Head Remix This song is a remake of the ICP classic Mr. Johnson's Head that is on the Ringmaster album today. ICP has always loved this song even though it was never very popular. ICP made the original in 1993 and they remade this version in 1997. It was going to be on The Great Milenko Album but the song was too long, Plus Hollywood "Hoe Ass" Records didn't like the lyrics about killing a school teacher. This song is the shit.
Clown Love This song was another Shaggy 2 Dope solo joint that was on his EP entitled "Fuck Off!". This was out in 1994. This song was a Detroit favorite on the streets. Violent J (perhaps a little jealous) always makes fun of the lyrics "Too busy doing other things like hanging with my mob". He says that it sounds like Shaggy is saying "Too busy doing other things like hanging with my mom". Not that hanging with your mom is bad, it just sounds funny.
Hokus Pokus Headhunta'z Remix This was released in 1998 as a single in Europe.This ninja named Jason Nevins remixed it and I guess he's mad famous in Europe or something. (This remix sounds like a Cypress Hill bite to me, but who am I). This is also the video version of the song. ICP doesn't really like this remix version but it's for Europe and when it comes to Europe, it doesn't matter what ICP thinks. ICP usually doesn't like any remix unless they did it.
Red Christmas This is the B-side to the Santa's A Fat Bitch single that was out both in 1994 on Psychopathic Records locally in Detroit and in 1997 on Island Records world wide. The fresh thing about this song is hearing Shaggy sing like a punk ass in the choruses. ICP really doesn't have anything against Christmas, they just hate seeing all these weak-ass groups come out with pansy-ass Christmas albums. All that lively times and warm cocoa bullshit.
House Of Wonders This was a song ICP made for The Great Milenko album. But they thought it turned out too shitty to be on the record. Then it was featured on a Psychopathic Records release called Mutilation Mix that was only sold at concerts. Mutilation Mix is a collection of ICP hits and shit all edited together mix style. House of Wonders is on the "Plus 2 new tracks!" that Mutilation Mix has advertised on the cover of the CD.
Mr. Rotten Treats This was the free Halloween song cassette that was given away for 1995's Hallowicked Clown Show in Detroit.Everybody in clown make up got one. That year ICP played 2 sold out nights at a hoe ass venue known as The Royal Oak Music Theater. ICP almost beat the club owner's ass for getting up in their face about Faygo. Luckily, ICP had 3 bitches waiting in the car, or that guy might still have a clowny foot stuck in his bitch ass.
Piggy Pie (Old School) This is the old original, ruthless ass version of Piggy Pie. Hollywood Records made ICP change the lyrics and after ICP did, they got used to them and didn't mind the new version being on The Great Milenko. But this is the first, extra hardcore version of the song the way it was meant to be. Steve Jones, the punk rock legendary ninja from The Sex Pistols plays guitar on this. Shaggy's verse is the shit on this version of Piggy Pie.
I'm Not Alone This is the 3rd song from Shaggy's solo EP that came out on Psychopathic Records in 1994. As we said before the 4th song is 3 Rings and that can be found on The Riddle Box album today. The lyrics on this song are mad funny. When Shaggy says "My homeboys Jack and The Cannon Man", the "Jack" that he's referring to is this fresh ass, fat ninja guy that he knows. He walks around looking for autographs from wrestlers and he looks like a 70's, fat, fuckin' weirdo. Jack is the best. He'll get the same guy's autograph 100 times.He don't give a fuck.
85 Bucks An Hour w/Twiztid This song is a fresh ass free style song that ICP & Twiztid wrote and made in less than one hour. It can also be found on Twiztid's album "Mostasteless" which is out on Psychopathic Records. Twiztid has been ICP's homies for years but they were under a different label and part of another rap group. When they finally broke free from that bull shit, they became Twiztid and joined the Psychopathic family. Twiztid often tours with the clowns.
Halloween On Military Street This was the free cassette given away at ICP's 3rd Hallowicked Clown Show in 1996 in Detroit. Once again, ICP gave this song away free to all ninjas in clown make up. The only thing that sucked that year was the show couldn't actually happen on Halloween night. Violent J had just broke his collar bone two weeks earlier by stage diving off a 15 foot high speaker stack in Toledo. He was carried out that night. The show had to be postponed until about 2 weeks after Halloween. Nobody seemed to mind when the show finally did happen, because ICP rocked that bitch like it was Halloween night and then some.
Dog Beats This was the title track to ICP's first ever release in 1991, the Dog Beats EP. Back then ICP (Inner City Posse) had three ninjas in the group. The 3rd ninja was Shaggy's older brother. He later quit when all the dues became too much for him to pay. When the going got tough.. he got to steppin'. He's still our homie of course, in fact he's a popular DJ in Detroit right now. Shaggy has even considered starting a side project with his brother called U-Dub, but we seriously doubt it will ever happen. So don't get geeked and start askin' for release dates.
Mental Warp This song is mad fuckin' scary.If you sit and listen to the lyrics, you might fill your drawers with foul substances. This song was originally recorded in 1995 for the Riddlebox album, but it didn't seem to fit anywhere on the album. So then ICP used it for a bonus track on the X-rated version on the Tunnel Of Love EP. Mental Warp was mixed and mixed again, but ICP and Mike E, Clark could never get it to sound exactly how they wanted it to. So now, it will forever be known as forgotten freshness.

Dedicated to: The Butterfly

"Dog Beats" Contains a sample from "Atomic Dog" (George Clinton, Jr./Garry M. Shider/David L. Spradley) - Bridgeport Music Inc. (BMI)/Southfield Music Inc. (ASCAP) - used by permission. "Dog Beats" Ⓟ1996 Zomba Recording Corporation, used by courtesy of Zomba Recording Corpration.

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  • Barcode (Scanned): 731452455222
  • Other (Disc 1 Catalog Number): 314-524 553-2
  • Other (Disc 2 Catalog Number): 314-524 554-2
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1 + 2): IFPI L005
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  • Mould SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI 0370